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5 Star Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to build trust and confidence with your customers is to let other customers leave a review on your website. Now, 5-Star Customer Reviews are built in to Cart66. One of the cool things about how this works is that you can put customer reviews anywhere on your website, not just your product pages.

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Sell Monthly WordPress Maintenance Plans

Grow your business by selling monthly WordPress maintenance plans.

As a WordPress developer, one of the ways to serve your clients better and to make more money in the process is to put your clients on a WordPress maintenance plan. To keep your clients’ sites secure and running at top performance you will want to make sure you’re running the latest version of WordPress, clear out spam comments, and keep the plugins and themes up to date. A lot of WordPress developers I’ve been talking to lately are moving away from charging for web hosting in favor of setting their clients up on WordPress maintenance plans. The challenge is, how do you bill your clients for your support plans? Let’s take a look at how you can quickly set up Cart66 with recurring billing to sell WordPress maintenance plans to your clients.

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How to sell an ebook on WordPress

How To Sell An eBook On WordPress

This is an in-depth tutorial on how to sell an eBook on WordPress with Cart66. We look at marketing ideas for growing your email list and building interest in your book as soon as you can. We also look at some powerful features of Cart66 for selling your eBook including a couple different ways to offer discounts, email marketing, and how to give away a free chapter of your book to build your email list.

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How To Create Product Pages

One of the things that sets Cart66 apart is how easy it is to put product order forms and add to cart buttons anywhere on any page you want. In that sense, any page or post on your WordPress site can be a product page. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to have an easy product page layout to work with that includes an image gallery, product description and product order form. Here’s a quick video showing you how to use the built-in Cart66 product pages to build out your online store.
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Custom Product Page Layouts

Cart66 comes with a custom post type for products. The Cart66 Product post type serves a couple of purposes both for presentation and some behind the scenes stuff. By default, the product pages are presented with an image gallery in the top left, the Add to Cart button in the top right, and the page content below. This provides a really nice, clean layout for your product pages without requiring any additional plugins or coding. Sometimes, however, you want to layout the page yourself. We just released a new feature to make Cart66 product pages even more flexible. You can now choose the default layout that shows the built-in image gallery and product form, or you can turn all that off and lay everything out exactly like you want it. Let’s take a close look.

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Customize Receipt Text For Specific Product

Sometimes you sell a product where you want to include some special instructions or information in the email receipt. For example, if you sell a WordPress theme, you might include a link to PDF with instructions. Or, maybe you want to recommend some related products. For example, if someone buys a coat, you can email them about hats that go nicely with the coat. Whatever the reason, it’s nice to be able to send customized information to your customer based on what product they just bought from you. Here’s a quick demonstration of how to include product specific content in your email receipts using Cart66.

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Kustrix Theme Demo

The Kustrix WordPress Theme is premium theme available on TemplateMonster. Also available through TemplateMonster is the free,  Kustrix Lite version of the theme. The free theme does not have quite as many features as the paid version of the theme and it doesn’t come with support, but it’s still very flexible and capable theme. In this review, we’ll look at how to set up the theme, configure some navigation menus, and – perhaps most exciting – set up a secure online store with Cart66. Let’s get started!

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Cart66 Secure Site Seal

One of the major benefits that Cart66 brings to the table is security and PCI compliance for your WordPress store. You can use any WordPress theme, host your site anywhere on any server and you don’t even need your own SSL certificate. Simply install Cart66 and you’ve got all the security and PCI compliance you need to deliver a safe and secure shopping experience for your customers. It’s as easy as using PayPal and you can accept both credit card payments and PayPal payments. Also, with the Cart66 Cloud secure hosted checkout page you get built-in support for over 100 payment gateways. Perhaps best of all, with the Cart66 page slurp, your secure, hosted checkout page is skinned with your WordPress theme so it will look exactly like the rest of your WordPress site. That means you keep consistent design and branding throughout the entire checkout process. Now you can show your customers that your site is secure and protected by Cart66 with the new Cart66 Security Seal. Here’s how it works.

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