Author: Lee Blue

New Pending Orders

We will soon be releasing an update to the Orders Screen in your Cart66 Cloud dashboard. The main change is the addition of a Pending Orders tab. We will also be renaming and reorganizing the order of the tabs as follows:

Paid Orders

Previously named Live Orders, this tab will hold orders that have been paid online with a credit card or PayPal. In other words, these are the orders you have received payment for.

Pending Orders

If you are using the Cart66 Offline Payments payment gateway to allow your customers to Pay Later after placing the order you will have unpaid orders. That means the order is real. It was placed by a real customer on your live website, but you still need to collect payment for the order. You might collect payment over the phone, with a mailed in check, you might send an invoice, etc. These unpaid orders will be listed in a new tab called Pending Orders. Once you receive payment, you can mark the order as paid and the Pending Order will now be a Paid Order and will be listed on the Paid Orders screen.


Failed Orders

If a customer tries to place an order but their payment is denied – for example the credit card number was entered wrong – this will be logged on the Failed Orders tab. This update will not change the behavior of this screen.

Awaiting Shipment

This screen lists Paid Orders that are ready to get shipped to your customers.

Test Orders

While you’re building your website, you can submit test orders using the Cart66 Test Gateway. All orders submitted through the Cart66 Test Gateway are listed on the Test Orders screen. The Cart66 Test Gateway does not process real credit card transactions and allows you to make sure your store is working the way you want before you start accepting live payments.

5 Star Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to build trust and confidence with your customers is to let other customers leave a review on your website. Now, 5-Star Customer Reviews are built in to Cart66. One of the cool things about how this works is that you can put customer reviews anywhere on your website, not just your product pages.

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Cart66 E-commerce and Sending Email

Collecting email addresses and sending newsletters is probably already a part of your online business, but there are other aspects of email that may not come to mind when setting up your e-commerce site. For example, what about the email receipts that get sent to your customer after placing an order or follow up emails based on the products your customers order? What do you need to do to make sure your e-commerce plugin reliably delivers your email receipts?
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Visual Product Builder

Welcome to the new Cart66 Product Builder! This is something we’ve been working on for a long time and I’m so excited to introduce you to it. Now it’s really fast and easy to visual build simple or complex order forms.

Super Fast Product Creation

If you are selling a simple product that doesn’t have any product variations, you can create the product in about 10 seconds (or less if you type fast). All you need to do is provide the Name, SKU, and Price.

Create product with Cart66 visual product builder

Now you’re finished. At this point you have a fully functioning product with and Add To Cart button to sell your headphones.

Cart66 product page selling headphones

Adding Product Variations

The new visual product builder makes it faster and easier to add as many product fields to your product order form as you need. If you want to add color options to you product, you do it like this.

Adding new drop down list to product

Immediately after saving the drop down list, you can see the results in the Product Form Preview.

Cart66 product form preview

Building Complex Payment Forms

You can also create payment forms that are more complex and collect more information like a Camp Registration form. You can add any type of HTML form field and the product fields can change the price as well.

Building a camp registration form

Here you can see we changed the Price Label to read “Registration Fee” and we changed the text on the button to “Register.” When you view the registration form on your WordPress site it looks like this.

Camp registration page showing the registration payment form

Give It A Try

The new visual form builder in Cart66 makes it fast and easy to see the changes you make to your products in real-time as you build them. You can make simple products in less than 10 seconds. Or, add as many product fields to your form as you like to collect as much information as you need. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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Sell Monthly WordPress Maintenance Plans

Grow your business by selling monthly WordPress maintenance plans.

As a WordPress developer, one of the ways to serve your clients better and to make more money in the process is to put your clients on a WordPress maintenance plan. To keep your clients’ sites secure and running at top performance you will want to make sure you’re running the latest version of WordPress, clear out spam comments, and keep the plugins and themes up to date. A lot of WordPress developers I’ve been talking to lately are moving away from charging for web hosting in favor of setting their clients up on WordPress maintenance plans. The challenge is, how do you bill your clients for your support plans? Let’s take a look at how you can quickly set up Cart66 with recurring billing to sell WordPress maintenance plans to your clients.

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Free Images No Copyright

If you blog, post to Twitter or Facebook, or pretty much do any writing online you probably spend a lot of time looking for images to include in your content. It may be tempting to do a Google image search to find the photos you need, but that’s a great way to get yourself in trouble with copyright license infringement. The right way to get images for your blog is to find stock photos and images that are copyright free. Well, I have some very exciting news that will save you a lot of time and money. In this article, I’ll show you how to install a free WordPress plugin that will connect you to a gigantic library of free images with no copyright that you can quickly and easily add to your blog posts. Here we go…

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