How To Create Product Pages

One of the things that sets Cart66 apart is how easy it is to put product order forms and add to cart buttons anywhere on any page you want. In that sense, any page or post on your WordPress site can be a product page. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to have an easy product page layout to work with that includes an image gallery, product description and product order form. Here’s a quick video showing you how to use the built-in Cart66 product pages to build out your online store.

Setting up products in Cart66 is a little bit different from other WordPress ecommerce plugins because you have your WordPress site and you also have your secure Cart66 dashboard. The secure dashboard stores and protects your customer order information as well as the ecommerce data about your products like their prices.

What Goes Where

The general idea is really simple:

  1. Secure the product data in your Cart66 dashboard.
  2. Use WordPress to design your page

You don’t have to duplicate information and it’s no more work than setting up products in other systems. You just put information in two different places for the sake of keeping your vital ecommerce data PCI compliant and secure.

Product Data

Product data includes things like:

  • Product name
  • SKU
  • Price
  • Variations (color, size, etc)

This information goes in your secure Cart66 dashboard.

Design Your Page In WordPress

When you’re ready to describe your product, use WordPress for that. Sales copy, image galleries, product descriptions, testimonials, etc. WordPress is the place to enter all of the stuff you want to share with your customers about your product. After all, WordPress is a content management system and has tons of wonderful features built in for managing your content.

Cart66 brings the ecommerce functionality to the table. Whenever you want to display an Add To Cart button or a product order form, that’s where Cart66 comes in.

Benefits Of Cart66 Product Pages

Using the Cart66 product pages gives you several benefits including using the Cart66 product catalog shortcodes, featured images, and other ways to sort and organize your products. Here are a few videos demonstrating how you can use Cart66 product pages to create a product catalog and list featured products.

Custom Product Page Layouts

Using custom product page layouts gives you the best of both worlds. You can design the page however you like and still use all the organizational power that comes with using the Cart66 Product custom post type. So, you can create product catalogs, featured images, list products by category, etc. AND design your pages to look exactly how you want them.

Here is a complete tutorial on How To Use Cart66 Custom Product Page Layouts.