Video: How To Create New Revenue Streams For Your Clients

If you want to find clients who are willing to pay higher rates for your work, the best thing you can do is help them generate new streams of revenue.

If you have any clients who tend to sell one-off services like massages, lawn care, HVAC repairs, hair cuts, etc. here is a great way to help them streamline their business by generating recurring revenue.

Generating Recurring Revenue For A Barbershop

We’re going to take a look at the example of a barbershop because they tend to sell one-off haircuts most of the time and also tend to struggle to figure out how to get clients to keep coming back regularly. Even if you look at large franchises like Sports Clips, they tend to have a hard time keeping a consistent flow of revenue. They have online appointment scheduling, coupons, and mobile apps, but this concept we’re about to go over will do more to even out their cash flow and develop a loyal customer base than all of those other things. This is also something that you can easily make available to anyone – especially the smaller, family-owned businesses like local barbershops.

What We’re Covering

In the context of barbershops, you’re about to learn how to…

  • Set up a monthly subscription for haircuts
  • How to make sure the barber still gets tips even with an automated monthly payment system
  • Three different ways to keep track of how many haircuts of been redeemed

Again, this same exact concept can be applied to a wide range of businesses. So, let’s dive in and get this set up!

 Click here and download the spreadsheet I used in this video to track visits.