Cart66 for Churches

Using Cart66 for your church website

Online Giving and Much More

The great thing about using Cart66 on your church website is the ability to use the same system for all your ecommerce needs. For example, with Cart66 you can do all of the following things:

  • Online giving (one-time, or monthly/recurring)
  • Fund raising
  • Event registration
  • Put your church bookstore online
  • Sponsor missionaries
  • and more…

Online Giving

A great way to use Cart66 with your church is to enable online giving. Here’s a quick demonstration of how that works.

Learn more about online giving with Cart66

Event Registration

Are you having an event and need to sell tickets? Here’s how you can use Cart66 for event registration.

Put Your Bookstore Online

If you have a bookstore at your church, it is really convenient to let people buy things from your bookstore online. Some examples of things you might put in your online bookstore are:

  • Study Bibles
  • Lesson books
  • T-shirts and clothing
  • Audio books
  • Coffee mugs

For smaller churches, shipping products can be a hassle. So, you can set up shipping. Or, just let folks pick up their orders the next time they are at church.

This shows how you can offer both Ground shipping or Pick Up. If you want, you can disable the Ground shipping and only offer local pick up.

When people are checking out on your website, the checkout page will have an option to select the shipping option.

Local Pick Up Opitons

Sponsor Missionaries

If your church has people that need to raise support, you can easily allow people to sponsor them online. Create a page on your website for them that has their picture and describes what they are doing. Then allow people to support them with one-time or monthly (recurring) donations. All the tools to handle the recurring billing are built in to Cart66.

Talk To Us

If you have any questions on how to do anything or need help getting your church set up, please let us know.

We can install Cart66 for you and even set up a few products or online giving forms to help you get started.

We love to help!

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