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Hosted Payment Page With 100+ Gateways

One of the ways Cart66 provides the strongest security of any WordPress ecommerce solution is by providing you with your own hosted payment page. Your hosted payment page will look exactly like the rest of your WordPress site and works with over 100 different payment gateways. In this article we’ll talk about what a hosted payment page is, why it is the most secure, and how it makes PCI compliance as easy as possible. We will also compare Cart66 with other WordPress e-commerce plugins and explain why Cart66 is the most secure and why it matters when you are considering how to process payments for your online store.

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WordPress Add To Cart Button

An add to cart button is easy to create with Cart66 Cloud. With Cart66 Cloud you don’t have to worry about issues like PCI compliance and credit card security. The only things you need to think about are how much you want to charge and what you want to say about your product. All the other details like PCI compliance, credit card security, and payment gateway compatibility are all taken care of for you. Here is how easy it is to create a add to cart button sell your products with WordPress and Cart66 Cloud.

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Watch out for gateway costs

If you are accepting credit card payments online, you are probably paying more fees than you think you are. When you signed up for your payment gateway and merchant account you probably saw compelling transaction rates and maybe even some “free” features like a free payment seal (that is just a picture). Beware, unless you know what to look for, you are virtually guaranteed to pay more than you are expecting. Here is a guide that will save you from getting hammered by unexpected expenses. Read more

Top 5 WordPress Theme Mistakes

After reviewing a countless number of WordPress themes from professionals and novices alike we have put together the top 5 most common mistakes we find in WordPress themes. The problem with these mistakes is that they can go unnoticed during development and cause all sorts of problems when you finally try to use your theme – especially if you are using plugins with your theme.

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