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Understanding POODLE

What is POODLE?

To understand POODLE, you need to know a bit about SSL and TLS. They are two cryptographic protocols that were developed to help protect your important web communications. When you go to a website and you see HTTPS:// before the web address, you’re using SSL/TLS. SSL (SecureSocket Layer) and TLS (Transport Security Layer) are two very different protocols, but most people just lump them together and call them SSL. SSL was actually replaced by the TLS protocol around ten years ago as the de facto standard for cryptography, yet SSL is still in wide use. That’s what makes POODLE dangerous. Read more

Finding Good Web Hosting

If you are going to run an online store, you have to have a good web host. There are several things you want to look for in a good host, and popularity is not the number one criteria. In this article we’ll look at some of the key things you want to look for in a good web host.

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SSL Certificates And E-commerce

SSL and SSL certificates are not the same thing. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer and is an encrypted form of communication between a web server and your web browser. An SSL certificate is required to create this secure connection between the web server and your browser. In this article we’ll cover what an SSL certificate is and where SSL fits into the security for your online store.

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Security For WordPress

There are many ways to tighten up the security for your WordPress site and one of the most important ones is to make sure your WordPress login screen is secured. Some options for this include:

  • Never using “admin” as your username
  • Require a captcha to access your WP Login page
  • Installing an SSL certificate and logging in over HTTPS
  • Installing a security plugin that will do many of these things for you

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How To Be A Photographer With Cart66

Being a professional photographer involves more than just taking great photos. Once you have researched and purchased your equipment and honed your skills and creativity you need a way to turn your passion into your business. Cart66 Cloud powering a WordPress website is a great way to market your photography and start making money as a photographer.

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