Set Min / Max Quantity For Product

Some products are best sold in large quantities while others are limited one per customer. Cart66 gives you the ability to set a minimum or maximum quantity for a product in the cart. This is great for minimum quantity orders, group item purchases, digital products, and more. Here are a few examples of when you might want to use this feature and how it works.

Setting Minimum Quantity

Suppose you sell paracord by the foot and you require your customers to order at least 10 feet of cord at a time. They can order any amount more than that, but they have to get at least 10 feet of cord. Here’s how you’d set that up.

In your Cart66 dashboard, you will now see a new option to set the min / max quantity.

Cart66 product creation form showing quantity options

Then, when you view the product on your site, it looks like this.

Cart66 showing valid quantity for product

If the customer chooses a quantity that’s too low, the product cannot be added to the cart. The customer sees an alert about the minimum quantity requirement.

Cart66 showing an alert about the minimum quantity requirement

Setting The Maximum Quantity

For some products you want to set the maximum quantity that can be in the cart. Digital products often fall into this category. For example, a customer most likely only wants to buy a single copy of your band’s MP3 album. Also web hosting and WordPress maintenance plans make the most sense as a quantity of one. Cart66 has a Buy Now Links as well as a Buy Now shopping cart mode that will limit the entire cart to just one item. But, if you want to allow the customer to put multiple products in the cart while still limiting the quantity of certain products, you can set the maximum quantity for that product.

Setting Both Min and Max

Lastly, if your product requires a certain range for the quantity, you can set both the minimum and maximum quantity allowed in the cart. Simply supply a value for both the min and max quantity and then the customer will need to choose their quantity within that range.