WordPress E-commerce Hosting

Hosting e-commerce sites has always been difficult and expensive due to all of the requirements for PCI compliance. SSL certificates, security scans, allocating dedicated IP addresses, two factor authentication, disabling FTP and creating virtual private networks are just a few things required for PCI compliance. The cost of meeting these requirements is often far too expensive for the average guys who wants to sell some stuff on their WordPress websites.

Start Offering WordPress E-Commerce Hosting

With Cart66 Cloud, you can start offering e-commerce hosting to your WordPress customers right away without having to worry with any of the security requirements. You don’t even need an SSL certificate because all of the credit card data is collected and transmitted on Cart66 Cloud’s PCI compliant servers. This means you can start offering e-commerce with the hosting accounts you already have without making any changes.

Why Cart66 Cloud

In addition to taking care of all the security requirements, Cart66 Cloud also offers a seamless experience for the customer because it will use the WordPress theme to style the secure checkout page. This means the secure checkout page will look exactly like the rest of the WordPress site even though you are hosting the WordPress site and the secure checkout page is running on Cart66 Cloud’s PCI compliant servers. Unlike PayPal or other off-site checkout solutions, with Cart66 Cloud there is no bopping back and forth between different looking sites during checkout. Instead, the customer will slide through the entire checkout experience and the only thing that will change is the URL in the location bar and even that is customizable because you can specify your own subdomain.

Payment Gateways

Cart66 Cloud currently supports almost 50 payment gateways and 67 different countries making Cart66 Cloud the most comprehensive solution for WordPress e-commerce. You don’t have to limit your customers to a handful of payment gateways or forcing them into buying extra add-ons to be able to use the payment gateway they need. All of the payment gateways Cart66 Cloud supports are included for free.

Works With All WordPress Themes

You do not have to have a special e-commerce WordPress theme. Cart66 Cloud will turn any WordPress theme into an e-commerce theme allowing you to add products to any page or post on your site. So, your current WordPress hosting customers can start using Cart66 Cloud right away with the site they already have. For example, here is a list of free wordpress themes that Cart66 Cloud turns into free WordPress e-commerce themes