Free WordPress E-commerce Themes

If you are using Cart66 Cloud, there are plenty of free WordPress e-commerce themes available to you. Cart66 Cloud does not require a special e-commerce WordPress theme in order to have a great looking online shopping cart.

The Cart66 Cloud WordPress e-commerce plugin includes a sidebar widget that you can drag onto your sites sidebar to show a summary of the shopping cart including how many items are in the shopping cart, the total price of the items in the cart, and links to the secure “view cart” and “checkout” pages.

When you create your Cart66 Cloud account you define your products including the product names, prices and all the variations for your products such as color and size. Then, in your WordPress admin, you can easily add a product shortcode to any page or post on your site. The product shortcode will display a great looking product order form that will turn any WordPress theme into a WordPress e-commerce theme.

You don’t have to pay for an expensive WordPress e-commerce theme that may lock you in to a particular ecommerce plugin. Here is a list of free WordPress themes. Just add Cart66 Cloud and these free themes instantly become great looking free WordPress e-commerce themes.

Annotum Base

Preview | Download

Annotum Base WordPress ecommerce theme


Preview | Download

Blackbird WordPress ecommerce theme

Catch Box

Preview | Download

Catch Box WordPress ecommerce theme


Preview | Download

Hazen WordPress ecommerce theme


Preview | Download

Hum WordPress ecommerce theme

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Preview | Download

iRibbon WordPress ecommerce theme


Preview | Download

Montezuma WordPress ecommerce theme


Preview | Download

Pinboard WordPress ecommerce theme


Preview | Download

Responsive WordPress ecommerce theme


Preview | Download

Toothpaste WordPress ecommerce theme


Preview | Download

Trendy WordPress ecommerce theme

Twenty Twelve

Preview | Download

Twenty Twelve WordPress ecommerce theme