WordPress Event Registration Tutorial And More

Event Registration

Cart66 makes a great event registration platform for WordPress. I say “platform” because selling tickets to events involves a lot of different features. In fact, event registrations can be one of the more complicated things to sell online because it involves:

    • Collecting custom information


    • Making sure you don’t oversell the event


    • Including some downloadable material


    • Marketing the event with discounts and coupons


  • Accepting credit card payments

Cart66 can meet all of these needs. Here’s a demonstration video and article going into the details of how to use Cart66 as your WordPress event registration platform.


WordPress Event Registration Demo / Tutorial

A Different WordPress Ecommerce Plugin

Cart66 Cloud is a different WordPress ecommerce plugin because, in addition to a WordPress plugin, you also get a suite of connected services. These services improve the reliability and security of your online store. Cart66 also solves the problem of securely accepting credit card payments with support for over 100 different payment gateways built in.

Unlike other plugins where it’s up to you to mash up a wide variety of other extensions and add-ons, Cart66 includes all the features together. In addition, all the security issues are solved with your own secure hosted payment page Come take a look. It’s better together.


Getting Started With Cart66 Cloud

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