Upgrading To Cart66 Cloud

Upgrade In 3 Easy Steps

Cart66 Cloud is rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of our secure, PCI Compliant cloud.

You can upgrade from Cart66 Pro to Cart66 Cloud in 3 easy steps.

  1. Set up your products in your Cart66 Cloud account
  2. Update the shortcodes on your product pages in WordPress
  3. Skin your secure checkout page with your WordPress theme in one-click using PageSlurp

You do not need to change your theme or rebuild your site.

Here is a quick tutorial on getting started with Cart66 Cloud.

Once Cart66 Cloud is setup and you have updated your shortcodes, you can disable Cart66 Pro. Or, if you’d like to keep Cart66 Pro active so you can see your past orders that’s fine too. If you need any help getting setup, just let us know.

Can I Auto Upgrade To Cart66 Cloud?

We do not have an auto-upgrade system for migrating to Cart66 Cloud. Some of the differences between Cart66 Pro and Cart66 Cloud include:

  • Products are stored securely in the cloud
  • Gravity Forms is not needed because Cart66 Cloud has built-in support for products with unlimited variations
  • Some of the shortcodes are different in Cart66 Cloud
  • All the customer data and orders are stored securely in the cloud, not in your WordPress database

For these reasons, we do not have an auto-upgrade system for upgrading to Cart66 Cloud. We do, however, have a team of WordPress experts available to help you.

When you are ready to upgrade to Cart66 Cloud, if you need help getting set up just let us know and one of our WordPress developers will be in touch.


  1. Jason King says:

    It would be handy to be able to export products from Cart66 Pro and import them in one go to the new Cloud version. We have 1,000 products, no way do we want to input them one by one. Is that possible?

    • cart66 says:

      Pro has a bunch of different ways to set up products. There is the default way in Pro, Gravity Forms based products, and products with digital files connected to them. So that makes things a little complicated. The other thing is the default Pro product options don’t have labels. For example, you just enter red, white, blue – but you don’t say “color” anywhere. The product options in Cloud have labels for the variations. How do you have your products set up in Pro?

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