5 reasons you can now relax

If you are using Cart66 for your WordPress e-commerce system, you can relax about all the technical mess involved with safely running a secure online store. Cart66 even takes care of problems you probably wouldn’t have even thought about – like how to keep your email receipts from being flagged as spam. Here are 5 reasons you can relax about e-commerce when you are using Cart66.

PCI compliance and security

The main thing that concerns most people about e-commerce is security. If you are going to be asking people to enter their credit card information it is your responsibility to make sure that everything is kept safe and secure. To that end, the Payment Card Industry (Visa and Mastercard) have developed a set of requirements for anybody selling anything online. Meeting these requirements is referred to as being PCI compliant. The PCI requirements are a very detailed, expensive, and confusing list of requirements.

Relax because Cart66 handles all of these requirements for your online store.

Gateway freedom

To accept credit cards you need to have a payment gateway. There are many different payment gateways out there. If you are rolling your own WordPress e-commerce site and doing recurring billing (like for subscriptions) your customers data is all stored with your payment gateway. This results in gateway lock in making it very difficult to change which payment gateway you are using. With Cart66, we built our own recurring billing engine and store all your customer data in your own Cart66 account. Since all your data is in your Cart66 account, not with your payment gateway, you can change gateways whenever you want. Found a better rate with another payment gateway?Go with it. Want to stop using PayPal and start using Stripe? No problem.

Relax because you can switch between any of the 50+ payment gateways at any time.

Business class email services

You work really hard on designing your WordPress site, getting all the product images and descriptions looking the way you want. You market your site, trying to get traffic and increase sales. But have you thought about how to keep your email receipts from being flagged as spam? By default, WordPress sends email using the open relay mail server on your web server. This is the worst way to send email because it results in the slowest delivery and greatest change of having your message flagged as spam. Cart66 sends all your receipts and customer emails through a business class SMTP server powered by MailChimp. This is just another way you benefit from our years of experience. Cart66 solves problems you probably wouldn’t have even thought about until it was too late.

Relax knowing that your email is delivered by our built-in business class mail servers.

Digital file protection

If you sell digital products you have two primary concerns. You want to make sure your customers can easily download the products they purchase and you want to make sure your products cannot be downloaded by pirates. If you just plop your digital files directly on your WordPress server you run the following risks:

  • Direct links to your products: Having your files linked to directly, bypassing your payment system.
  • Corrupt/incomplete downloads: If WordPress is serving the files through PHP, and it’s a big file, the PHP process might timeout before the file has been fully downloaded resulting in your customers getting corrupt/incomplete files.
  • Disk space limitations: If you are selling large files like audio or video files, those take up a lot of space, perhaps more than you can store on your web server.
  • Slow downloads: Storing files on your web server is the slowest way to deliver your digital products

Relax because your Cart66 account comes with 50GB of disk space on your own built-in CDN powered by Amazon S3 to securely host and delivery your files.

Everything in one place

Rolling your own WordPress e-commerce solution involves hunting around the internet for a basket of plugins and add-ons, often developed by a variety of different coders and companies. After you find the plugins you want, you have to learn how each one works, you want to make sure they are all coded securely, and you need to keep them all up to date. Then you have to figure out how to connect them all together and hope they place nicely together.

Relax because Cart66 gives you everything you need in one professional, secure package – ready to go.