New Features!

We’ve got some exciting new features to share with you! This past week we launched 2 new features!

Buy Now Product Bundles

Another new feature is Buy Now links for selling product bundles. If you sell a group of related products, you can create a single link which, when clicked, will add all of the products to the cart and place your customer directly on the checkout page ready to pay for the order.
Watch this 2:48 quick demonstration of how it works.


Tax Free Products

There is a very robust tax system in Cart66 where you can manage tax rates by regions right down to individual zip codes. Cart66 also integrates with taxamo to handle international VAT tax for digital product sales. The problem was that once you set up tax rates, then tax was calculated for all orders. Sometimes, however, you sell both taxable products – like t-shirts – and non-taxable products – like services, event registrations, or donations. Now, you can flag products as tax free! It’s as simple as clicking a checkbox when setting up your product.



We are continuing to build out a library of Video Tutorials demonstrating all sorts of things like:

  • Inventory management
  • Selling products on a payment plan
  • Selling music
  • Accepting donations
  • Sending email follow ups

Check out the Video Tutorials here.


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