Inventory Management In Cart66

If you sell products that you keep in stock, inventory management in Cart66 will let your customers know whether or not an item is in stock on your website. If a customer clicks the Add To Cart button and you do not have the inventory in stock to fulfill the order, your customer will see a notice saying, “This item is out of stock.”

inventory management out of stock

Cart66 provides tools to manage your inventory down to the product variation level. If you have a product with no variations, like a Solar Watch, then you can simply specify an amount for the number of Solar Watches you have in stock.

Set basic inventory management values

Inventory For Product Variations

If you have a more complex product that has a set of required product options, like a Cotton T-Shirt, which may come in three colors (Blue, Ash, and Red) as well as three sizes (Large, Medium, and Small) inventory tracking gets a little more complex. You will probably want to be able to track the inventory for each combination of those variations so that you will know how many Large, Blue Cotton T-Shirts you have in stock. Cart66 makes that easy as well.

Cart66 will track inventory levels on all the combinations of required variations for your product. Optional variations (product options that do not have to be selected when purchasing the product  – like an extended warranty or optional upgrades) are not tracked by the inventory management system. Options like color and size would be required variations for the Cotton T-Shirt because you can’t buy the shirt without selecting a both a color and a size.


As you add more variations to your product, the list of all the combinations can grow rather long. To make it easy to find the products you want to work with, you can filter the list down. For example, if you only want to see the Blue Cotton T-Shirts, you can filter the list down by selecting Color: Blue then clicking Filter.


Inventory Management Tutorial

For more details on working with inventory in Cart66, take a look at our knowledge base article on how to manage inventory in Cart66.