Emails, Exports, Gateways, and More!

We’ve been working on new features for Cart66 Cloud and have just released a bunch of new things. In additions to customer file uploads we have also released a bunch of highly requested enhancements.

Order Email Notifications

Every time an order is placed you will get an email notification with all of the order details. You can send these notifications to as many different email addresses as you would like. Suppose you have a drop ship relationship, you can have an email sent directly to your drop shipper right when the order is placed and also sent to you.

View Live, Test And Failed Order Details

The orders that are placed on your store are now categorized as either live, test or failed. Live orders are the orders where real customers have successfully paid and completed and order. Test orders are the orders placed using the Cart66 Cloud Test Gateway. You can also see failed orders along with the reason why the order failed.

If a customer calls you and says they are having trouble placing an order, you can look at your failed orders and tell them why the order is failing. For example, maybe they are entering in an invalid billing address or their card balance is too high to complete the transaction. Knowing why the order is failing will help you help your customers completed successful sales.

WordPress Plugin Verification

The Cart66 Cloud WordPress plugin needs to be installed and activated on your WordPress site in order to use Cart66 Cloud. For example, the Cart66 Cloud WordPress Plugin is used with Page Slurp and showing products on your website. Now if you are in your Cart66 Cloud account it will try to detect if the Cart66 Cloud plugin is installed on your WordPress site and show you a notice if the plugin appears not to be installed on your site.

Coupons On Checkout

Cart66 Cloud lets you choose where to direct your customers after they add a product to their shopping cart. You may choose to have a “buy now” style store where your customer is immediately taken to the checkout page after adding a product to the cart. Now coupon codes may be entered directly on the checkout page as well as on the view cart page. So, you can have the streamlined “buy now” style store and still make it easy for your customers to use their coupons.

Auto-select Home Country At Checkout

Are most of your customers in the same country? If so, you now have the option to specify a “home country” for your Cart66 Cloud account and that country will be automatically selected for your customers at checkout. Of course, your customers can change the country to any country that you service, but this new feature makes it easier and faster for your home customers to checkout.

Auto-select Shipping Method

If you have configured your shipping settings so that only one shipping method is available for your customer’s shipping address, that shipping address is automatically selected for them at checkout. This is one more way we have streamlined the checkout process to make it easier and faster for your customers to buy from your store.

Order Notes

There is a new “notes” field on the checkout page where your customer can enter notes or instructions about their order. The notes will stay attached to the order and will be in the email receipts, online receipts and in your Cart66 Cloud order management system.

Order Export

Export your orders to a CSV file. If you want to import order information into another system or work with the order information in a spreadsheet, Cart66 Cloud now let’s you export all of your orders. You can even download all your test orders and failed orders too.