WordPress Security and Cart66 News

This past week has been mostly a week of coding and behind the scenes enhancements paving the way for a new Cart66 features that should land soon – perhaps as soon as next week! For now, I wanted to share some important information about keeping your online store safe and secure.

It’s Not About SSL Certificates

Everybody knows that if you are going to run an online store you have to make sure you provide a safe and secure website for your customers. A common myth is that you can just install an SSL certificate on your site and that’s all it takes.

This crazy story helps clear that up.


Your Hosted Payment Page

Security is one of the most important things if you are running an online store. Cart66 gives you the strongest security possible by providing a PCI compliant hosted payment page that looks EXACTLY like your WordPress site and works with over 100 payment gateways – all built in.

The Cart66 platform, is the most secure ecommerce system for WordPress. In addition to securing the payment form, Cart66 also secures all of your critical e-commerce data, right down to the contents of the shopping cart itself. Cart66 secures:

  • All credit card payments
  • All of your product definitions (prices, options, etc.)
  • All of your customer data
  • All customer order history
  • Saved billing information
  • Subscription payments
  • Shopping cart contents

Watch this video to see how your secure hosted payment page works and why it is important.


Cart66 Cloud Plugin Updates

Tuesday we released Cart66 Cloud 2.0.11 which includes a handful of enhancements and lays the groundwork for some new Cart66 features which may land as soon as next week. We updated some JavaScript libraries and tweaked a few things for a smoother ride on WordPress 4.5. The details are in the change log in the WordPress repo.

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If you are in a hurry, here are three great tips:

  • Define the main plugin class in its own file (not the in the main plugin file).
  • Don’t register hooks in constructors.
  • Don’t execute code in the same file where functions or classes are defined.

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What’s Next

We’re pretty busy, heads down coding up some new features right now. I hope to be able to share those details with you next week. Until then, happy WordPress-ing 😉