PayPal vs Credit Cards – Which Is Better?


If it was just as easy to accept credit cards as it was to use PayPal, wouldn’t you want to let you customers pay you with their credit cards? Even better, why not accept credit card payments and PayPal at the same time? Offering both payment options will increase sales. With Cart66 it is as easy to accept credit cards as it is to use PayPal.  People often shy away from accepting credit cards, because it seems complicated to setup and scary to deal with credit card information. Cart66 handles all the security for you so it is just as easy to accept credit card payments as it is to use PayPal.

In this review of PayPal vs Credit Cards we look at the following:

  • Pros and cons of using PayPal
  • How PayPal can lose or win more sales based on how you use it
  • Why you should accept credit cards
  • How accepting credit cards is just as easy as PayPal
  • Accepting credit cards is no more expensive than PayPal

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