New Features and Tutorials


Last week was a big week. We launched a couple new features, including one of the most anticipated and highly requested features in a long time. Let’s jump right in.

New Features In Cart66

Inventory Management
You can now track inventory at the product level or down to the variation level on any of your products. Watch this quick video demonstration.


Google Analytics For Ecommerce
We have improved the Google Analytics integration with Cart66. Where you used to have to use a Thank You page snippet, now you don’t have to do anything. Cart66 will detect if you have Google Analytics installed on your WordPress site. If you do, we now send along itemized ecommerce details to Google Analytics. You don’t have to make any changes to your site or your settings. If you are using Google Analytics, and it is installed in the head section of your WordPress site then this enhancement is already working for you.

Did You Know…

We are continuing to load up our YouTube Channel with new videos showing how to do all kinds of cool stuff.  Subscribe to get in depth tutorials and helpful insights into e-commerce.

Here are some highlights from this week.

Sell Products On A Payment Plan
If you sell expensive products and would like to have your customers pay in installments, this video demonstration will show you how to get that going.


YouTube Marketing For Your Online Store
Learn how to create awesome marketing videos for YouTube then link directly from the video to a page on your WordPress site. Creating an annotation that links right to the product you are describing is a very powerful tool. This is what an annotation looks like and this article shows you how to do it.


What Is PCI Compliance?
One of the most common questions we get about PCI compliance is, “What is PCI compliance?” If you have about 6 minutes, this quick video will bring you up to speed with an accurate understanding of what PCI compliance is and how it impacts your business.


WordPress and PCI Compliance
Installing an SSL certificate has almost nothing to do with PCI compliance. In this article we discuss the role of SSL certificates and how to avoid mistakes that make securing your site much more difficult so you do NOT end up building your website to do something like this.


Around The Web

Here’s a quick list of some WordPress news we found interesting and helpful this week.

Which WordPress Files Should You Back Up?
Take a look at which files you need to back up along with some recommendations for services and plugins to help you get the job done from WPBeginner.

How To Download Older Plugin Versions From
Have you ever updated a plugin to discover it’s got problems and you wish you could revert back to the previous version? Here’s a quick article showing you how easy it is to do that.

Setting Up PHP and Composer In MAMP
A lot of people use MAMP for WordPress development. In this article Tom McFarlin describes how to get Composer working under MAMP.

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