Minimal Ecommerce Themes and a new Cart66 feature!


If you are looking to themes for ecommerce features, you might be looking in the wrong place. Unless you have hundreds of products, most of the work you do for your online business is going to be marketing related. You will be writing blog posts, SEO optimization, and making sure your site is running as fast as possible. With that in mind, the marketing features of your theme are probably more important than the ecommerce features. In fact, sometimes ecommerce theme features can get in the way.

Using an ecommerce plugin that bring the features you need to sell your products will do two important things:

    1. Keep your WordPress site fast and light weight


  • Keep your ecommerce features portable across multiple themes


Let’s take a look at why a minimal ecommerce theme may be the best choice and how to find one.

>> Minimal Ecommerce Themes for WordPress

New Feature: Archive Products


If you decide to stop selling something and don’t want to have that product cluttering up your list of products, now you can archive that product. This will move the product form your list of products that you are actively selling and put it on the “Archived Products” screen in you Cart66 Dashboard. While archived products are no longer listed among your active products, you still have access to all the orders for that product and all the revenue history remains as well. Archiving products lets you keep things nice and tidy when you are managing the products you are selling.

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