Cart66 News And Updates


It’s been a long time since we’ve sent out an email. I’m sorry for not doing better about staying in touch. I’m going to fix that now, starting with this email. If you are no longer interested in WordPress ecommerce or Cart66, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email. Otherwise, thanks for staying with us, and we’ve got some exciting news.

Demonstration Videos

Lately we’ve been working on putting together demonstrations of various things you can do with Cart66. We’ve started a new YouTube Channel as well as full written articles including the videos on our blog.

Top Blog Articles

Here are a few of our most popular blog articles:







Around The Web

We are always on the lookout for stuff about WordPress and ecommerce from around the web. Here is a quick list of a few noteworthy articles.

WordPress 4.5 Is Here
Take a look at the latest release of WordPress, version 4.5 “Coleman”. Here are a few highlights from this release:

    • Live responsive previews


  • Add a custom logo to your website



  • Inline URL editing in the page editor



  • Awesome new formatting shortcuts (our favorite new feature)


Thank You Emails
Here’s a great article from Elegant Themes about The Power of “Thank you” emails and how they can make all the difference when growing your ecommerce business. Want to send these emails with Cart66? Here is how you send “Thank you” emails with Cart66.

Be Your Own Managed WordPress Host
In this article Lee Blue explains how you can be your own managed WordPress host by combining WordPress with Digital Ocean for hosting, ServerPilot for server management, BackupBuddy for backups, and Sucuri for security. He also shares his experience with a few other hosting options.

What’s Next

We are continuing to create additional demonstration videos to show how to do all sorts of things with Cart66. So keep an eye out on our blog,  YouTube Channel, and Facebook. We’ve also got a big new feature we’re getting ready to announce. It is one of our most requested enhancements. So stay tuned!