Best WordPress Shopping Cart

Why is Cart66 Pro (formerly known as PHPurchase) the best ecommerce plugin for your WordPress shopping cart?

There are many reasons why people are saying that Cart66 Pro is the best ecommerce shopping cart for your WordPress store. Here are are few of the highlights.

  • Use the full power of WordPress to customize your store
  • Unbelievably flexible design options
  • Sell digital and physical products
  • Recurring payments for subscriptions, memberships, and payment plans.
  • Easy PCI Compliance – Safe and Secure
  • Extremely fast and efficient
  • Fully integrated shopping experience
  • Backed by prompt and professional support

The Full Power Of WordPress for Ecommerce

Cart66 Pro is not the only WordPress ecommerce plugin available but it is unique in the way it let’s you take advantage of the full power of WordPress to configure your store anyway you like it. Whether you have 2 products or 200 products, with Cart66 Pro you can set up your store any way you like.

Organize Your Store With Custom Post Types

Many ecommerce systems force you to display your products in a grid or list them by category. But, if you only sell a small number of products, that format doesn’t make any sense. With Cart66 Pro, you can use the full power of the WordPress editor to configure the layout of your site anyway you like. You simply place an “Add To Cart” button anywhere on any page or post you want. You can put as many products on a page as you want. Take advantage of WordPress custom post types introduce in WordPress 3.0 and set up a special page layout for your products.

Organize With Custom Taxonomies

Taxonomies may be a confusing word but it is just a way to group things. Up until WordPress 3.0 the taxonomies WordPress used were Tags and Categories. Now, WordPress allows you to create your own taxonomies to further categorize your content. WordPress provides a very robust editor and powerful content organization features giving you unbelievably flexible design options with Cart66 Pro.

For a more detailed review of the custom taxonomies in WordPress including an example of how you can use custom taxonomies in an example T-Shirt store, read The Essential Guide to WordPress 3.0 Custom Taxonomies. Another excellent resource for learning about Custom Taxonomies is Introducing WordPress 3 Custom Taxonomies where you will find a detailed tutorial on how to set up custom taxonomies to organize content about computers. This article goes into setting up multi-level taxonomies for even more specific control organizing your content. Since Cart66 Pro let’s you put products on any page or post, it’s easy to set up your store with products categories in any format you want.

Sell Digital & Physical Products with WordPress

Use Cart66 Pro to sell any sort of digital product you want – MP3 music files, PDF books, Spreadsheets, Software, etc. Cart66 Pro will protect your digital files so that it is impossible to access them without getting them through Cart66 Pro. You can specify how many times you want your buyers to be able to download your product and you never have to worry about anyone sharing their download link or directly linking to your digital products.

Of course, you can also sell physical products or services. Optionally collect shipping information, charge tax by state, zip code, or zip code ranges. Once an order is placed you can assign internal labels to your orders such as “new”, “shipped” or “canceled” to keep track of the status of your orders.

Recurring Payments For Subscriptions and Payment Plans

No other WordPress shopping cart makes it this easy to set up recurring payments. Using either or the Quantum Gateway services. Optionally collect shipping information, charge tax by state, zip code, or zip code ranges. You can specify if you want to offer a trial period and Cart66 Pro will start billing your client’s credit card after the free trial has ended.

Easy PCI Compliance

Cart66 Pro never stores any credit card information in your WordPress database. Instead, Cart66 Pro will use either the Customer Information Manager or the Quantum Gateway Secure Vault to store all of the sensitive billing information. This makes PCI Compliance easy since you are not storing any sensitive information on your own server. In addition to that, Cart66 Pro passes the McAfee Security Test for PCI compliance.