The History of Cart66

In the early days…

Back in 2008, when we first released Cart66 (originally called PHPurchase) it was one of only three e-commerce plugins for WordPress. There was a strong need for a simple, easy to use plugin that just let you put a product on a page and sell it. No need to change themes, just start selling.

Just put products on the page

Reality 66, the company that develops Cart66, has a consulting branch that implements complete websites. We had a simple e-commerce project. All we needed to do was sell three different types of headphones. No product categories or fancy sorting, just put the products where we wanted them and sell them. We wanted to use WordPress to manage the site, but there were no e-commerce plugins that would let us do this simple thing. So we built Cart66 with the features and integrations and built-in support for a dozen payment gateways. Then, before we knew it, Cart66 got popular and developers started making Cart66 Pro WordPress themes.


Today Cart66 Pro is still powering thousands of e-commerce sites

We release updates and security patches on a regular basis and of course we continue to support and maintain Cart66 Pro.

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The Evolution from Pro to Cloud

Leading the way forward

Cart66 has a history as a leader in the WordPress e-commerce community being the first to introduce recurring billing, the first to bundle memberships and subscriptions into an e-commerce plugin and now, with Cart66 Cloud, we have the first and only hosted solution for WordPress e-commerce. You host your WordPress site anywhere you want and let Cart66 Cloud handle the e-commerce and security.

Keep it simple
and organized

Cart66 has always included everything you need in one package. We don't have hundreds of add-ons to sort through to find the features you need. You get one, well tested, complete system.

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Good enough for you,
Good enough for us

We have always used Cart66 to sell Cart66. One of the reasons it is so solid and simple is because we are actively using the product everyday - both for ourselves and our clients.

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You can finally relax about Wordpress e-commerce

We've been at this a long time. Let us take the load off.

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  • We chose Cart66 Cloud because its all-in-one model was perfect for our business. It handles every step of the process, from checkout to subscription renewal.

    – Evan Scoboria, Nimbus Themes

  • I have a lot of stuff going on in life. The last thing I needed was to spend a few weekends becoming an expert on PCI-compliance. Thankfully, I found Cart66.

    – Chris Lema,

  • If I could hug you guys for making such a rocking awesome cart, I would.

    – Natalie MacLees, Purple Pen Productions

  • Cart66 support is quick, efficient, and on top of it! Great product, great support = extremely happy customer!!

    – Kirke


Your Gain, Our Pain

5 reasons you can now relax

Cart66 solves problems you might not have even thought about. We are e-commerce experts so you don't have to be.

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How Cart66 Protects You

You don't even need your own SSL certificate. See how (and why) Cart66 protects your business.

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The Most Secure E-commerce For WP

Cart66 secures all aspects of your e-commerce - your products, customer data, even your customers shopping carts.

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You won’t be the only one trusting
cart66 for your online store.

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