Finding good WordPress hosting

Cart66 Cloud provides all the security you need so you can host your WordPress installation on virtually any server you choose. Here are some key things to look for when picking a host for your WordPress store and why we recommend Site5.

Our recommendation for WordPress hosting


Over the years working with our customers, the most common problems we encounter are caused by bad web hosting companies failing to properly set up their hosting accounts for WordPress. File permission problems that prevent WordPress from being able to install updates, missing tmp folders so PHP session data cannot be written, and missing PHP modules like SoapClient and cURL are just a few of the issues that cause WordPress not to run well. We have worked with so many different web hosts, and the one that has really stood out as consistently great, both with customer support and their technical infrastructure is Site5 Web Hosting. Here are some reasons why we have selected Site5 as our recommended hosting company.

Company reputation

Site5 is the real deal when it comes to web hosting and their 14+ years of experience proves it. They don’t overload their servers which means your site will get great performance. They have a polite, dedicated, in-house support team all of whom understand both web hosting and English. They also have in-house developers and designers and have developed an excellent, easy to use custom control panel where you access all the features of your Site5 account. Their custom control panel is easy to use and integrates perfectly with the industry standard cPanel.

If that isn’t enough, they have over 3,300 reviews on Shopper Approved, a 3rd party verified site and over 92% of the reviewers give them a 5 star rating.

IP reputation

In addition to the company’s reputation, you want a host that has IP addresses with a good reputation. Yes, IP addresses have reputations too. If a particular IP address is known to host malware or gobs send gobs of spam, then that IP address develops a bad reputation. We most often see bad reputations associated with IP addresses on hosts such as GoDaddy and Bluehost who offer really cheap web hosting and don’t do anything to block the bad guys.

To keep their services top-notch, Site5 will not host:

  • Pornography
  • Pirated software
  • Bulk email related products
  • Hacking/cracking related websites
  • Warez and copyrighted media

This is the nasty stuff that bogs down servers, increases security risks, and tarnishes the reputation of your IP address. Cart66 is very serious about security and our service blocks both inbound and outbound connections to IP addresses with bad reputations. We’ve never had a problem with any of Site5’s IP addresses.

They know WordPress hosting

Site5 knows WordPress hosting. Everything from a one-click installation of WordPress to free premium WordPress themes. In addition to giving you free themes, Site5 is also contributing to the WordPress community teaching you how to use WordPress and create themes as well as [how to build your business with WordPress][yang]. Site5 isn’t just a generic hosting company, they really know what they are doing when it comes to WordPress.

99.9% uptime or your money back

Some hosting companies say they have good uptime, but Site5 backs up their uptime with a money back guarantee.

Live chat, email, and phone support

Site5 offers live chat and email support 24/7 and phone support during business hours. Also, as previously noted, their entire support team in in-house (not outsourced) and fluent in both web hosting and English.

Free site migration

Another great feature that Site5 offers is free site migration. If you are unhappy with your current host, you can switch to Site5 and they will move your site to their servers for free. That’s awesome.

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