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Physical products, digital products, memberships, and subscriptions - you can do it all.


Recurring billing

Free built-in recurring billing engine that works with over 50 payment gateways.



Require a membership to access pages, posts, sections of content or entire post categories.


Drip content

Delay access to some of your membership content for a specified number of days.


Timed emails

Follow up with your customers by sending product specific emails at timed intervals after the sale.


HTML email receipts

Fully customizable - you can even include custom content based on the products that were purchased.


Order notifications

Send yourself an email every time an order is place. Great for automating drop shipping fulfillment.


Buy now links

Add any product to the shopping cart with a single click. Share on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.


Customer accounts

Optional accounts for order history, manage stored billing information for easy repeat checkouts.


Product variations

Create products with unlimited options. The variations can change the price of the product.


Coupons & Promotions

Cart, product, and shipping coupons for money or percentage discounts.



Set up as many tax rates as you need. Cart66 supports adding, replacing, and compounding rates.


Live Shipping

Price and weight based shipping plus real-time rate quotes from FedEx, UPS, and USPS


Print Shipping labels

Purchase postage and print your shipping labels all from your Cart66 admin.


Address verification

Ensures that USPS can find an address before you buy a shipping label.


Free services

Free Amazon S3 storage for digital products, free mail service powered by MailChimp, and more...



Connect with MailChimp, Google Analytics, ShareASale, Facebook, iDev Affiliate, analytics, and more.



Accept one-time and recurring donations. Donations can have fixed amounts or let the donor enter the amount to contribute.


Customer Sets Price

Sell music like on NoiseTrade.com. Products can be free or have a minimum price and customers can bump up the price with a generous tip.


Pay Invoices Online

Create a product with a text field for the invoice number and a field to enter the amount to pay. Now your customers can pay your invoices on your website.


Payment Gateways

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Did you think about

Emails receipts staying out of spam folders, securing digital products, timed email follow-ups...

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What is LaunchPack?

LaunchPack is a Cart66, service based product, that allots time for one of our support technicians to connect your site to the Cart66 Cloud and getting your checkout page looking exactly like the rest of your WordPress site. Not all themes are built using Wordpress standards or many use old or deprecated tags. If your theme’s design or code conflicts with any of the Cart66 Cloud code, one of our support technicians will make the necessary CSS/HTML/JS updates to your secure pages in order to resolve any problems.


In addition to set up and repair, we may also make a few suggestions to help clean up the user interface or the user experience. We will make tweaks to hide any elements that may be negatively affecting conversions or creating issues with the visual appearance of your secure checkout page (large spaces, layout issues, or anything out of place). We will also make suggestions about how to minimize content at checkout that may cause page load issues, insecure content issues or lead users away from checking out.

What’s Not Included

Setting up products, shipping, taxes, receipts, coupons, gateways and notifications will be the customers responsibility. However, we are certainly available to offer links to help topics, set up a simple demo, share a few snippets or tips to help get you on the way. The first welcome email you receive includes a list of very useful links to our most common support questions and issues too. If you require more in depth assistance setting up your store, we can set up a separate quote for that project. To get started, we’ll need some basic information on your store, access to your site files and access to your WordPress admin.


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